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The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System©

Unsure about your first step…don't be…Use The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System©!

USCG-FRC-66-S Travel Brow

  The USCG-FRC-66-S Travel Brow is a hinged two section 12 foot long by 2 foot wide brow system that can be deployed   without tools. It has a full length two section handrail that can be inserted into either side. (An optional second handrail   may be added at an additional cost).The underside has UHMW skid plates to allow it to move on the dock or other   surface as the vessel moves. (Optional stainless steel swivel casters are available at an added cost). The walking   surface has an aggressive 80 grit non-skid applied. The brow has eye rings at both ends as well as at the midpoint to   allow it to be tied off. The brow weight is approximately +/- 90 lbs. This brow will support 800 lbs. of distributed   weight. The USCG cost for this system is $2,998.00 plus shipping FOB Apollo Beach, FL 33572. Shipping is usually within   5-7 days ARO.

CAGE Code 7W3U7

DUNS # 080703722



travel brow


UHMW skid plates UHMW skid plates on underside of brow.

Adjustable wheel kit

Adjustable stainless steel swivel caster kit
Each caster is adjustable in height to allow for the ramp to sit level on the landing surface.


Our ramps are not designed to be cantilevered. They must be supported at both ends either with one of our mounting systems,or be resting on a surface or with a supporting “trapeze arrangement” that will support the wight of the ramp with several people on it.


            We are specialist in custom ramp sizes and designs to accommodate your specific needs. Just contact us and let us help you acquire the STEADI-PLANK™ ramp that is right for you.


   Custom size complete PSC-X "STEADI-PLANK™" systems can be manufactured at a cost of approximately $149.90 per sq. ft.

   Contact us for more information on custom "STEADI-PLANK™" sizes and mounting options.


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