Boat Lift Boarding System


BLP-4BLP-4      BLP-4 Standard mount


BLP-4 with our BLP-M mount to allow it to extend down below the dock deck to the swim platform.

ELP-6in the up position

BLP-6 ramp with our HRK-6 handrail being held in the up position by the gas spring

ELP-6 with our ELP-M mounts and HRK-6 handrail

BLP-6 ramp with HRK-6 handrail using our BLP-M mount to allow it to extend down below the dock deck to the swim platform.

BLP-6 w/ HRK-6     BLP-6/HRK-6

Installed on my 540 Cruisers. Very easy to install and so much better for boarding than…..jumping onto the swim platform at low tide!

BLP-4/HRK-4          Special mount for BLP-4    BLP-4 with special mount

Above three photos are our BLP-4/HRK-4 with special mounting plate on finger pier


BLP-6 to swim platform

BLP-6 with HRK-6

BLP series ramp

The BLP-4 is a 4 foot long boarding ramp designed to be used with a boat lift. The BLP-4 makes it easy to board and carrying items on and off the boat. This system is also great to use on a floating dock to go from the dock to the swim platform of the boat or on a fixed dock to go to the boat’s gunnel.

When not in use, it stores in a vertical position on the dock. You then push/lay it down to the boarding area of the boat to use it.
When you are ready to lower the boat and or depart, you push/lift it back up to the vertical-store position. A Gas Spring, attached to the ramp and the dock, assists in the lift and holds it upright and help restrain the ramp from being blown over by the wind.

If the ramp will not be used for some time or a storm is coming, you can use its tie down to lock it in the vertical position or you can remove it from its custom dock mount. Handrails are available at an extra cost.

Our standard “Cam mounts” come with the system so the
optional BLP-M mount is not needed for this system. However, if the BLP series ramp is used with our standard cam mounts and not used with the BLP-M custom mount, it will not extend down below the surface of the dock. With the optional BLP-M mount, it will extend down to an approximately -80 degrees.

     BLP-4 in use   ELP-6

The BLP-4 has an MSRP of $1,590.00 with standard “Cam mount”

Also available is the BLP-6, six foot, single gas spring version with an MSRP of $1,790.00 with standard “Cam mount”
and the BLP-6T, six foot, twin gas spring version with an MSRP of $1,890.00 with standard “Cam mount”

The optional BLP-M mounting kit has an MSRP of $890.00

A 2nd gas spring may be added to either the BLP-4 or BLP-6 to add to the wind resistance.

The cost of a 2nd gas spring with mounting hardware is $125.00 plus tax and shipping.


Our ramps are not designed to be cantilevered. They must be supported at both ends either with one of our mounting systems,or be resting on a surface or with a supporting “trapeze arrangement” that will support the wight of the ramp with several people on it.

BLP-4/6 install

If you are installing one of our BLP-4/6 systems and using our BLP-M mounts. Please position the mounts at the front edge of the dock and screw it down so that the “cams” are space to allow the ramp forks to attach to them and allow the slide locks to secure it.

If you are not using the BLP-M but are using our standard “cam” mount, please attach the ramp to the “cam” mounts and position the mounts at approximately 7”-8” +/- back from the front edge of the dock and hold the ramp in the upright vertical position. Then place the rod end of the gas strut at the front edge of the dock and about 1”-2” to the outside of the ramp. (you can just hold the ramp and strut mount in place before screwing them down to make sure that the mounting positions will allow the ramp to stand vertical the way you would want it to.) Then screw down the “cams” thumb tighten the slide locks to secure the ramp to the mounts.


   BLP-M set up

To attach the gas spring to the ball stud, you must remove the safty retainer clip from the gas spring end fitting. Push the gas spring end fitting onto the ball stud and then replace the retainer clip.

You can see a video of the retainer clip removel on YouTube at:


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