Boat Boarding Ramps

For an image of von Mises stress and displacements for the 4' and 6' STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System clik the following:

PS-4 (4') Von Mises Click Here          PS-4 (4') displacement Click Here

PS-6 (6') Von Mises Click Here          PS-6 (6') displacement Click Here

Welded Frame Drawing Click Here

Ramp Skin Drawing Click Here


  PS-4 / PE-4  PS-6 / PE-6  
Size 23.75" X 48" X 1.58" 23.75" X 72" X 1.58"  
Weight Aprox 31 lb. aprox 42.5 lb.  
Distributed live working load 2,000 lb. 1,800 lb.  
Plank surface temperature - 40° F to + 200° F - 40° F to + 200° F  


•You may connect up to two (2) PS/PE sections together to create a boarding ramp   with a span of 4' up to 20'. Do not connect more than two (2) sections together in   length.

•PS / PE ramps are made of Marine Grade Aluminum Skin with Aluminum   Honeycomb Core.

•Mounting hardware is Marine Grade Aluminum or Staneless Steel.

•Glide Plates and Pads are made of UHMW.


Custom size complete PSC-X "STEADI-PLANK™" systems can be manufactured at a cost of approximately $149.90 per sq. ft. Please contact us.

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