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Life is uncertain, but your boarding shouldn't be …Own The STEADI-PLANK Boat Boarding Ramp System!

    Yacht Boarding Systems has just released a new product video. 10-11-2011

    To see it click here


Miami Boat Show 2010 info segment as seen on Fox Sports Network Pleasure Boating program. click here  for video.  

why you need a steadi plank.wmv     click here

30 second spot comercial as seen on tv.   click here

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   Standard STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp Systems©


   Wheelchair Accessible Boat Boarding Ramps


   Add-A-Length™              Add-A-Feature


Boat Boarding Ramp Install & Set-Up


Boat boarding Ramp Sales Information


Boat Boarding Ramp Photos



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