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Why buy a STEADI-PLANK™ instead of the others.

PSE-64, 10' STEADI-PLANK         

                       Rail Mount                  

PS-6 with HRK-4  PS-6


   Why we started to make them.

In 2004, a few friends wanted to provide a boarding solution for their boats and couldn't’t find a solution that was flexible enough to meet the different boarding requirements they had.  As things so often happen, one of them decided to design and make a boarding ramp system that would work for all of them. Another boater seeing the ramps said “now that’s a Steadi-Plank” and asked if one could be made for him. As others had the same request, the company became a real boat boarding ramp manufacture. Yacht Boarding Systems, Inc. was established in 2005.
The design criteria were to make a ramp system that was flexible enough to be reconfigured as the docking and boarding requirements change. It had to be able to be mounted from different areas of the vessel, and be able to have different styles of mounts to accommodate the different areas. It had to be able to change length and yet still be light enough to be handled by one person. It had to be able to have removable full length handrails on either or both sides.  It had to be able to be stored on the vessel where storage space is at a premium. Most of all, it had to be safe and carry the weight of three or four people at the same time. By the way, it should float in case it ends up in the” drink”.
There have been many improvements to the Steadi-Plank system since the first ramp was made.

We have various mounting hardware available, from our simplest cam mount to our swivel platform mount.

Our ramps are not designed to be cantilevered. They must be supported at both ends either with one of our mounting systems or be resting on a surface.


   • Our ramps are expandable and extendable. You are not "locked-in" to one length. You can add or remove sections as your needs        change.

   • Our ramps are made from marine grade aluminum with aluminum honeycomb core. NOT a COMPOSITE CORE that may wick water!

   • Our ramps are made with an internaly welded frame with welded in cross members to insure strenght and stability.

   • Our ramps are made with the aluminum honeycomb core bonded to the frame on all sides. Not just "laid i n" as others do.

                                                                                                            Steadi-Plank core & frame

   • Our ramps use custom made quick mounting forks made from marine grade aluminum. (Not a flimsy home gate latch like you would find at       a home improvement store ) This mounting system is designed to safely secure the ramp to the vessel or dock and maintain that        attachment under the most severe sea and wind conditions. We do not use a gate latch that might  fail like some others.

   • Our ramps have a rubber edge guard on all sides to help protect your vessel from scratches.

   • Our ramps have Eye rings to let you attach lines.

   • Our ramps have a replaceable UHMW skid plate to protect the dock or pier.

   • Our ramps let you add a full length handrail that will help support you if you should stumble. (NOT A SMALL "T"   HANDLE or rope THAT       MAY OR MAY NOT STEADY YOU.

    • Our ramps are wider for better stability, easier boarding and the use of "roll-on's" . (24" wide)

    Our ramps weight less. (Approximately 2.875 Lb per sq. ft. plus 8 Lbs. for all mounting hardware attached.

   •Our ramps afford you the most flexibility for mounting and reconfiguring for future needs.

   • Our ramps are stronger ....All of our ramps will support over 1,000 lb distributed weight.

    • Our ramps float. Many will not if lost over the side.

   • ALL of our PS/PSE series ramps may be upgraded to our "Passerelle" style boarding ramp or "C.A.R.S. ramp system  (cable assisted       retraction system"). You will not have  to start over to upgrade to these features.

   • On our web site, what you see is what you get.... We show you ALL... Technical information, prices, installation, options.... NO        SURPRISES. So go ahead, purchase the best, order your STEADI-PLANK™ boat boarding ramp system today.

   •Our ramps are worth a few dollars more!!   Your investment in the safety, convenience, and comfort of your family and  guest should      demand  the best. The STEADI-PLANK™ boat boarding ramp system.

  •Our ramps are in stock. We can ship any of our standard ramps within 4 days of receiving an order. Our custom ramps can be shipped      within 30-45 days of receiving an order.




We can make adaptors that will allow our mounting system to adapt to your existing ladder or ramp mounts.

Our ramps are not designed to be cantilevered. They must be supported at both ends either with one of our mounting systems,or be resting on a surface or with a supporting “trapeze arrangement” that will support the wight of the ramp with several people on it.



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